The Shipbuilder software team:

Geert Schouten –  Director
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Martijn van Loenen – Technical manager
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Cees Verkerk – Marketing Communications manager
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Our shipbuilding experience:

Based on more than 20 years of experience in shipbuilding and with the help of a few launching customers Geert and Martijn have managed to release Shipbuilder in 2011. Geert and Martijn are both educated in Maritime Technology at Delft Technical University. They know the process of designing and building ships very well and also understand the daily issues when designing, engineering or building a vessel. Geert has been active for shipowners, shipyards and subcontractors in selecting and implementing software systems as CAD/CAM, PDM, PLM and ERP. He is also active as interim project manager of shipbuilding projects and as interim director of maritime companies.

Martijn has knowledge of the latest and most advanced IT technologies. His experience is in research projects for simulation and 3D information browsing in the shipbuilding industry, where the research is done inside the companies involved in shipdesign and shipbuilding.