Shipbuilder Center delivers the basic functionality everybody needs. On top of Shipbuilder Center there are different modules available in order to suit your needs.

Module Functionality Benefits
Shipbuilder Center
  • Basic Productmodel (Construction, Decks, Spaces, Components, Systems) including the Libraries and Properties
  • System integration, relate components to systems with functions
  • Automatic integrity and traceability of information
  • Intelligent data entry
  • Collaboration with all involved parties on the same up-to-date information
  • User and role management
High quality and reliability of data as it is only stored once
Real time shared data
Shipbuilder Specification
  • Collect specifications during your work and add them to the relevant parts in the ship
  • Company requirements management
  • Verification management
  • Versioning & Traceability
Manage requirments and verifications
Generate a consistent specification document
Shipbuilder Document
  • Document needs
  • Document revisions
  • Document approval
  • Document uploading and connect them to the relevant parts in the ship
  • Documents distribution and receival
  • Document retrieval
Shared documents, document tracking,  full control on revisions
Shipbuilder Messaging
  • Remarks, discussions, decisions, they all are stored right at their subjects
  • Evaluation of all change requests and change proposals, and their subsequent approval or disapproval
  • Enhanced discussions
Continuous availability of messages througout the life cycle of the ship.
Automatic Minutes of Meeting.
Shipbuilder Cost
  • Easy and consistent costing methods available
  • Cost calculations can be made on each detail level, for each design or build scenario
  • Demarcation lists
  • Quotation control
Consistent cost calculations without any struggles with file versions, different files, files which only one person understand
Shipbuilder Engineering
  • Energy load balance calculation
  • Heat balance calculation
  • Weight calculation based on groups, automatic calculation
  • All these calculations are consistent with the definition of the ship
Easy calculation results as the source data is already available from the Shipbuilder Center.
Shipbuilder Configuration
  • Establishing and maintaining consistency of the ship’s performance and functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life
  • Setting and maintaining baselines
  • Configuration Verification and Audit
  • Lifecycle overview per component
  • Connect elements with cables, piping, etc
  • Catalogue usage
Guaranteed performance of the ship
Shipbuilder Production
  • Work preparation: Convert engineering information into Production information
  • Manage all required lists
  • Receiving and dispatching goods
  • Pre outfitting control
Reliable production lists as all data is only stored once and is up-to-date.
Shipbuilder Planning
  • Primavera and MS-Project plugin
  • Project planning
  • Multi project shop floor planning
  • Activity instructions
Reliable planning due to integrated single truth data for all planning types
Show protocols for activities
Shipbuilder VR
  • Virtual Reality plugin
  • VR on Android phones
  • Google Cardboard viewers and alike
  • PC Platform with Oculus Rift
Show relevant real time data from Shipbuilder in a 3D environment, single truth
Mobile integrated view on data
More intelligence from your data
Shipbuilder Sustainability
  • Life Cycle Design
  • Green passport
  • Material passport
  • Clean and safe demolition
  • Sustainability Knowledge Base
Improves the sustainability of the entire project

Currently following Shipbuilder modules are under development, waiting for a launching customer:

Module Functionality Benefits
Shipbuilder Risk Full risk management on your projects including

  • identification of risks
  • severity of impact and probability of occurrence
  • prioritizing of risks
  • resulting mitigating actions
Proper project and business continuity
Shipbuilder Contract Management
  • Manage the scope of work
  • Manage legal requirements
  • Manage project management requirements
Project management goes up to the next level