Shipbuilder will be present at Europort, where we boost different topics. From Virtual Reality (VR)  to Augmented Reality (AR) and from Big Data to digital transformation workshops.
Geert Schouten, director at Shipbuilder: “Digitalisation is causing turmoil in the maritime sector right now. Many maritime companies are uncertain how to handle topics like big data or VR. At Europort we show what benefits these companies have by implementing these digital techniques. By starting with our professional workshops we provide the right kick-off. I’m available at Europort to start the digital transformation step by step!”

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

The revolutionary Shipbuilder VR+ and AR+ modules enable full visual access to new and existing maritime projects. Schouten: “We are the first organisation globally that has added useful features to virtual reality for maritime projects. We know from experience that working aboard a ship with a large set of data can be extremely complex and time consuming. Because where are pump X and cable Y that need replacement located? The reason us people enjoy using Google StreetView is that we can see precisely where we need to go. We do the exact same thing with Shipbuilder VR+ and AR+.  We link the data to the precise location of a part. That’s what we’ll present at Europort.” Read the related article: Shipbuilder launches 3D access to real-time data in VR+ module – Exact location of all parts now visible in the 3D web browser

Digital Transformation: Big Data In The Maritime Industry

Big data. Many maritime organisations are preparing to start working with it shortly. It is one of the trends that fits right in with the so-called digital transformation. But what do you have to know exactly? Schouten: “Shipbuilder unveiled a big data top 5 for the maritime sector to consider before starting. Shipbuilder’s advice to clients is to first change your mindset. Stop working with single documents, and start working with connected data. Of course this is not an easy process to start. Everybody can use some help with the digital transformation. Our workshops help you kick-start the process.” Read Shipbuilder’s big data top 5 priorities the maritime industry should know. Shipbuilder talks about this topic too at Europort in Rotterdam.

Meet us at Europort

We look forward meeting you. Please contact Geert Schouten (director) at | +31653643022 or Cees Verkerk (Marketing & Communications manager) at | +31613746263